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2022 Synergy PAC Schedule

dance / compete


Performing arts competition

Synergy is a refreshing competition where soul and art synergize to create a home!

Our mission is to provide dancers of all levels with a fair and positive venue to showcase their talents. It’s about an experience where feedback and growth are just as important as a score. We are here to inspire and ignite your passion and love for dance. Our goal is to remind dancers that even though we come from different cities and different studios we are still a community.

A score and a trophy are not here to define us as dancers. Instead they should be used as a guide intended to inspire growth and encourage
hard work. By offering a FREE master class during the competition weekend we create a positive environment where we can all continue to grow and share our love for dance!

dance / compete

why synergy pac?


Fair and positive environment.


Inspire & ignite your love for dance.


Instills growth and hard work.


Free master class over competition weekends.

what They’re Saying


“Synergy is a wonderful competition with fun awards, excellent judging and held at a fantastic venue. I love how well it is run and how easy it is to register online! Thank you Synergy for welcoming our beginners as well as our competitive dancers. Texas Galaxy Dance can’t wait to return!”

Texas Galaxy Dance

“Our Dancers love Synergy! Very positive experience with professional staff. The dancers love the mater class they offer for free, so it’s like a convention without the all day classes. This is by far our favorite competition of the year!” – Brittany Sisk – Preston Center Dance

Brittany Sisk

Preston Center Dance

“We have been attending Synergy since it began and have always enjoyed the experience.  The competition is well organized, runs on time, and really reflects a positive energy.  Our competitive team looks forward to Synergy year after year!” 


Sheena Dance Academy


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